Motorcycle Parts for KSR-Moto TW 125 SM 2015

The parts on this page are intended for the European version of this motorbike.

If you do not find certain parts in this list, they can not be delivered by our suppliers.

DID Basic Chain 428HD/132, open with cliplock 32,00
DID X-Ring Chain 428VX2/132, open 88,00
DID X-Ring Chain G&B428VX/132, open 95,00
RK X-Ring Chain, 428XSO/132, open 29,00
NGK Sparkplug DR8EA 5,00
NGK Sparkplug DR8EIX 21,00
Hiflo Oilfilter HF131 3,50
Mahle Oilfilter OX406, 3,70
Front Brakes
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads SCO 29,00
EBC Brake Pads Sint HH 39,00
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads Sint VO 39,00
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads STD 33,00
EBC Brake Pads STD 27,00
Rear Brakes
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads SCO 14,00
EBC Brake Pads SCO 10,00
EBC Brake Pads Sint HH SCO 25,00
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads Sint SCO 29,00
TRW-Lucas Brake Pads STD 25,00
EBC Brake Pads Std 21,00
Working area
Other parts
Attention! We don't sell other parts than the above mentioned items for this vehicle.

All prices are in Euro and include 21,00%VAT.
For countries outside the EU the VAT will be automaticly deducted.